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Dated stones on buildings in Craven - sorted by type 

Dated stones on buildings Craven Sources with pictures

Walton, J.Dalesman 1979, Hutton, B., Martin, J.NYCVBSG 1986, 532 examples: Sanderson, G.Percy Lund et al, London, 1911

(408 publically accessible)

Dates with i and ii refer to further copies (usually!). Dates with a and b refer to other stones (usually!).


To view a list of the datestones, along with links to their images, clikc on the type of datestone in the links below:

Box | Plaque | Single Pendant | Double Pendant | Triple Pendant | Lintel | Ornate & Unique | Inaccessible, not visible or not found

Sources of information

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