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Plaque datestones

To view a list of the datestones, along with links to their images, click on the type of datestone in the links below:

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Plaque datestones

1602_i Langcliffe H I S ER44  

1602_ii Langcliffe   

1602_iii Langcliffe   

PLAQUE 1635 Gisburn   

PLAQUE 1645 Kettlewell IC Hutton 1654 but very decayed 

PLAQUE 1666 Tatham II  

PLAQUE 1669 High_Bentham SAH Garnett 

PLAQUE 1671_b Settle RP L  

PLAQUE 1686 Thornton H modern version 

PLAQUE 1692_i Gisburn_Forest I E(?)S  

PLAQUE 1692_ii Gisburn_Forest   

PLAQUE 1708 Mewith B RM Garnett 

PLAQUE 1711 Ingleton F IE  

PLAQUE 1723 Malham R RA wine glass 

PLAQUE 1724 High_Bentham S RI  

PLAQUE 1725 Thornton B TE  

PLAQUE 1728 Long_Preston W RM  

PLAQUE 1730 Low_Bentham P RJ Garnett 

PLAQUE 1732 Wray S IM  

PLAQUE 1733_i Ingleton C II  

PLAQUE 1733_ii Ingleton   

PLAQUE 1734 Tatham A CL  

PLAQUE 1739 Coniston_Cold G ME  

PLAQUE 1741 High_Bentham W WM Garnett 

PLAQUE 1746 Mewith IP ? Garnett 

PLAQUE 1755 Low_Bentham WE Garnett 

PLAQUE 1755 Tatham D JM  

PLAQUE 1761 Easington T AH  

PLAQUE 1765_b Ingleton M RM  

PLAQUE 1765_a Ingleton G DI  

PLAQUE 1768 Kilnsey O? HE  

PLAQUE 1770 High_Bentham IR Garnett 

PLAQUE 1770 Arncliffe H. Tennant Aedes hasce sacerdotales H. Tennant AM hodie Vicarius Extruxit AD MDCCXX 

PLAQUE 1771 Wray B AA  

PLAQUE 1777 Tatham C AI  

PLAQUE 1781 Tatham B AA  

PLAQUE 1786 Tatham R. Baynes  

PLAQUE 1789 Tatham A Borrow  

PLAQUE 1789 Low_Bentham_ RE Garnett 

PLAQUE 1794 Tatham P GM  

PLAQUE 1797 Long_Preston A IM  

PLAQUE 1803 High_Bentham RA Garnett 

PLAQUE 1820 Low_Bentham J &  E Davison Garnett 

PLAQUE 1829 Halton_Gill D ML and EH  

PLAQUE 1830 Langcliffe WC  

PLAQUE 1834 Graystonegill RT Garnett 

PLAQUE 1835 Kettlewell D WB  

PLAQUE 1843 Slaidburn EB  

PLAQUE 1853 High_Bentham CT Garnett 

PLAQUE 1855 Bolton_Bowland L?  

PLAQUE 1855 Gisburn R  

PLAQUE 1855 Ingleton   

PLAQUE 1855 Clapham   

PLAQUE 1857 Settle EHD  

PLAQUE 1859_i Ingleton S JM  

PLAQUE 1859_ii Ingleton   

PLAQUE 1860 High_Bentham RB Garnett 

PLAQUE 1864 Langcliffe EH D  

PLAQUE 1868 Ingleton F ET? now destroyed 

PLAQUE 1869 Rathmell CJG  

PLAQUE 1875 Settle IB  

PLAQUE 1886 Graystonegill RG & IW Garnett 

PLAQUE 1887 Langcliffe ?   RH  

PLAQUE 1900 Rathmell LEC

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