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Ornate datestones and Unique datestones

To view a list of the datestones, along with links to their images, click on the type of datestone in the links below:

Box | Plaque | Single Pendant | Double Pendant | Triple Pendant | Lintel | Ornate & Unique | Inaccessible, not visible or not found

Ornate datestones

ORNATE lintel 1664 Bordley CW  

ORNATE lintel 1667 Wray IT  

ORNATE lintel 1669 Giggleswick L AE  

ORNATE lintel 1671 Wigglesworth IB RB ?  

ORNATE lintel 1672_a Long_Preston RB  

ORNATE lintel 1674 Wray RP  

ORNATE lintel 1681 Kettlewell DB  

ORNATE lintel 1682 Tatham R  IE decorated 

ORNATE lintel 1683_i Flasby M RO  

ORNATE lintel 1683_ii Flasby   

ORNATE lintel 1688a Scosthrop M WA privy behind house 

ORNATE lintel 1688b Scosthrop   

ORNATE lintel 1691 Airton CL  

ORNATE lintel 1694_i Grassington A SP Hutton 

ORNATE lintel 1694_ii Grassington   

ORNATE lintel 1701 Newby D WF resited 

ORNATE lintel 1715 High_Bentham TO Garnett 

ORNATE lintel 1730 Thornton H? decayed 

ORNATE lintel 1736 Mewith IW WRA Garnett 

ORNATE lintel 1839 Hawkswick TT  

ORNATE lintel 1877 Kettlewell

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Unique datestones

UNIQUE 1590 Kettlewell  doubtful 

UNIQUE 1590_i Kettlewell   

UNIQUE 1590_ii Kettlewell   

UNIQUE 1663_a Settle IC  

UNIQUE 1675 Keasden_ C RI  

UNIQUE 1678 Tatham E BW  

UNIQUE 1679 Linton T IA  

UNIQUE 1682_i Settle HIAW  

UNIQUE 1682_ii Settle   

UNIQUE 1683 Wray B GI sundial 

UNIQUE 1684 Melling ROBART  

UNIQUE 1686 Rathmell F RE Sanderson 

UNIQUE 1686_i Bolton_Bowland B EI AN DO 

UNIQUE 1686_ii Bolton_Bowland   

UNIQUE 1687_i Horton CW sheep horns 

UNIQUE 1687_ii Horton   

UNIQUE 1687_iii Horton   

UNIQUE 1690 Tatham CAS  

UNIQUE 1691 Wray E WT  

UNIQUE 1693 Rathmell A RW  

UNIQUE 1695 Flasby_Moor E IC  

UNIQUE 1697 Stainforth  Hutton 

UNIQUE 1697_i Middle_Birks N EC  

UNIQUE 1697_ii Middle_Birks   

UNIQUE 1712_i Austwick II AI  

UNIQUE 1712_ii Austwick   

UNIQUE 1712_iii Austwick_   

UNIQUE 1712_iv Austwick   

UNIQUE 1719 Austwick WK MK  

UNIQUE 1724_i Stainforth  sundial 

UNIQUE 1724_ii Stainforth   

UNIQUE 1738 Horton JJ

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