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NCHT Journals from the 2020s

The North Craven Heritage Trust  publishes a Journal every year. This well respected publication contains articles relevant to the Trust’s aims.

Journals - 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023

Journals - 2010 to 2019

Journals - 2000 to 2009

Journals - 1992 to 1999

An full index for all the Journals is here. Contents for all the Journals is available here.

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Contents 2023

  • Chairman’s Report. Pamela Jordan p1

  • Editorial. Michael Pearson p1

  • The Roe Deer (Capriolus capriolus) of Austwick Moss. Stuart Ralph p2

  • Medieval taxes in the Ancient Parish of Giggleswick. Michael Slater p6

  • Wader Survey. Catherine Ramsay p12

  • Book Review: A Review of Sarah Lister’s ‘Meandering down the Ribble’. Gillian Jones p13

  • From Canada to Craven, a visit by Robert Coates in 1901. Hilma Wilkinson p14

  • The Families behind the Datestones. Jean Asher, Eileen Bamford, Pamela Jordan, Michael Slater p17

  • Plant Find: a First for the Yorkshire Dales and British Isles. Howard M Beck p19

  • New arrival: the Little Egret in Austwick. Michael Pearson p20

  • The Revd. Henry Ellershaw and his family in Chapel-le-Dale. Peter Metcalfe p21

  • Epitaph for a Tree. Michael Pearson p25

  • Migration in North Craven, 1560-1790. Michael Pearson p27

  • Westward Ho: NCHT Summer Outing 2022 Robin Bundy 29

  • Recent Acquisitions at the Museum of North Craven Life. Heather Lane p31

  • The Brayshaw Memorial and the Plague Stone. Michael Pearson p32

  • Sheila Haywood (1929-2022), Vice President of the North Craven Heritage Trust, 2003-2020. Anne Read p33

  • A Book of Barns and the Clapham Art Group. Margaret Blackburne p34

  • Contributors. Michael Pearson p35

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NCHT Journal 2022

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Contents 2022

  • Chairman’s Report. Pamela Jordan p1

  • Editorial. Michael Pearson p1

  • The Teesdale Violet on Ingleborough: a new perspective. Howard Beck p2

  • Beating the North Craven Boundaries. Sheila Gordon, Rita Hudson, Michael Slater p5

  • Links between residents of North Craven and the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Ailsa Gill p9

  • Amongst the Marshes. Norman Frankland p12

  • People in Settle, 1547 to 1553. Michael Slater p17

  • The people of Settle, 1553 to 1558. Joseph Keep p21

  • Giggleswick’s Reformation and the Puritan Legacy. Kathleen Kinder p23

  • Jane – A Liberal Lady of Settle. Catherine Vaughan-Williams p26

  • The Gas Retorts of Settle and Giggleswick. Robert Walton p30

  • Marshfield House, Settle and the mystery of the Countess Gyllenborg. Mary and Michael Slater p31

  • Ingleborough Hall Estate and the economics of planting trees. Michael Pearson p33

  • Wartime memories of Austwick. Molly Preston p35

  • Gateway sign to Castlebergh Crag. Anne Webster p37

  • Three mills, two waterfalls and a bercary. John Asher p38

  • Settle Girls’ High School. David Johnson p39

  • Updates: an unknown artist, a family link and religious symbolism. Michael Pearson p40

  • Book Review: Bringing Home the Turf. Anne Read p41

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NCHT Journal 2021

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Contents 2021

  • Chairman’s Report. Pamela Jordan p1

  • Editorial p1

  • Introduction to Ingleborough National Nature Reserve. Colin Newlands p2

  • Craven, Crime & Convicts: a look at a hundred years of York Assizes. Mary Slater p6

  • Garden Designs for Ingleborough Hall: some unresolved questions. Ken Pearce p10

  • Book Review: ‘Natural awakenings: early naturalists in Lakeland’. Ian D Hodkinson p12

  • Membership, Engagement and the NCHT. Jessica Kemmish p13

  • Response to Jessica Kemmish’s article. Pamela Jordan p16

  • Book Review: ‘The Railway Navvies of Settle: the end of the line’. Sarah Lister & Teresa Gordon p16

  • The Importance of Burton in Lonsdale’s Lay Subsidy of 1297. Tony Stephens p17

  • Jack Myers of Austwick; a caver, photographer, academic & man of iron. John Cordingley p21

  • Ingleborough Crosswall Shelter. Bill Hinde p24

  • Cuts, Leats and Races: water supply solutions in the Ingleborough area. David S Johnson p27

  • A Glimpse of Settle’s Past – A study of deeds held at Wakefield archives. Sheila Gordon p31

  • Book Review: ‘Ingleborough’s Placed Stones’. by David Johnson, John Asher, Sheila Gordon & Allan Pentecost p33

  • The Husbands: a family of recusants. Pamela Jordan p34

  • The Betrothal of William Catterall & Barbara Hawkesworth in January 1595. Mary & Michael Slater p36

  • Book Review: ‘Timothy Hutton (1779-1863) of Clifton Castle and Maske-in-Swaledale - The life and times of a North Yorkshire Gentleman’. Jane Hatcher p38

  • Book Review: ‘Peak Performance. Ingleborough’s sporting legacy’. Victoria Benn p39

  • Bank Barn, Lawkland & Possible Recusant Symbols. Michael Pearson & Alexander Bowring p40

  • Settle Bridge & J M W Turner’s Sketchbook. Frank Gordon & Michael Slater p42

  • An Austwick Privy. Jill Sykes p43

  • War & Peat: memories of Austwick Moss. Molly Preston p44

  • Walter Morrison (1836-1921). Michael Pearson p44

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NCHT Journal 2020

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Contents 2020

  • Valediction. Michael Slater p1

  • Chairman’s Report. John Asher p1

  • Editorial p1

  • Reginald John Farrer: some reflections on the centenary of his death. David Crutchley p2

  • Bridge End Mill, Settle. Michael Slater p4

  • Reminiscences of Frank Peel (letter to P. Hudson, June 2000) p8

  • A young man at Brassingtons, Settle. John Reid p8

  • Sutcliffe House and The Bell Inn, Giggleswick. Andrew Davidson p10

  • The reading habits of female members of the Langcliffe Village Institute Library, 1900-1908. Brogan Sadler p14

  • Thomas Redmayne of Taitlands. Catherine Vaughan-Williams p18

  • Brian the bachelor. Brian Shorrock p21

  • Book Review: ‘Report on the dating of traditional farm buildings around Ingleborough’. Alison Armstrong and David Johnson p23

  • Who was Richard Clapham (1791-1856)? Michael Pearson p24

  • Women and children in the Ancient Parish of Giggleswick 1558 to 1598. Michael Slater p25

  • Giggleswick and religious change during the Reformation. Nicholas J. Verrill p31

  • Historical Mystery. Michael Pearson p33

  • Book Review: ‘A Portrait of Ingleborough’. Hilary Fenten p33

  • Bill Mitchell Memorial Walk Leader. David S. Johnson p34

  • Wildflowers at Colt Park. Judith Allinson p35

  • Book Review: ‘Discover your woods. Trees in the Dales’. David Joy p38

  • Summer Outing: Asby: Westmorland’s Limestone Country, 12 June 2019. Leader: David S. Johnson p39

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