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NCHT Journals from the 1990s

The North Craven Heritage Trust  publishes a Journal every year. This well respected publication contains articles relevant to the Trust’s aims.

An index for all the Journals is here. Contents for all the Journals is available here.

NCHT Jounal 1999

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Contents 1999

  • Editorial. Maureen Ellis p1

  • Chairman’s Report. Roy Gudgeon p2

  • The Pump. High Bentham. Gill Barron p3

  • Archaeology in the Pipeline. Philip Abramson p4

  • Photographing Bentham for the Millennium. David Johnson p6

  • A Memoir of Clapham’s Last Station Master. Graham Mort p7

  • Lawkland Poor House. Roy Gudgeon p9

  • Three Road Side Crosses. Diana Kaneps p11

  • Lines of Sight through Craven. Tony Burnett p12

  • Wayside Features Recording Project. Nick Harling p14

  • The Summer Outing. Bill Mitchell p15

  • The Mine Working of Grassington. Jean Reinsch p16

  • Craven Camerata. Gillian O’Donnell p16

  • ‘Know Your Area’ Walks – Giggleswick School. Warwick Brookes p17

  • ‘Know Your Area’ Walks – Clapham. Roger Neale p18

  • ‘Know Your Area’ Walks – Burton in Lonsdale. Stan Lawrence p18

  • Guided Walks p19

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NCHT Journal 1998

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Contents 1998

  • Editorial p1

  • Chairman’s Report. Roy Gudgeon p2

  • Giggleswick on the Internet. Kathleen Kinder p3

  • The Leeds-Liverpool Canal in Craven. Mike Clarke p4

  • The Diaries of Norman Frankland. Elizabeth Shorrock p6

  • Field Kilns in North West Craven. David Johnson p7

  • Peel Towers. Maureen Ellis p10

  • Attermire Rifle Range. Jim Nelson p11

  • Richard Long of Settle – my great grandfather. Mary Long p12

  • The Summer Outing. Bill Mitchell p13

  • ‘Know Your Area’ Walks – Settle. Peter and Nicholas Harling p14

  • ‘Know Your Area’ Walks – Austwick. Jill Sykes and Lesley Todd p15

  • ‘Know Your Area’ Walks – Kirkby Malham. Pam Syme p16

  • ‘Know Your Area’ Walks – Ingleton. Roger Neale p17

  • Guided Walks p18

  • Obituaries p25

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NCHT Journal 1997

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Contents 1997

  • Chairman’s Review. RGK Gudgeon p3

  • A Labour Problem in the Age of Water Powered Factories. James Heaton p4

  • Gleanings from Giggleswick National School Log Book. Enid Parker p7

  • Cappleside: Hill of the Horse. Chris Weston p9

  • Thomas Procter – a True Genius. Nick Harling p11

  • A Dying Craft – Old Joe Stout. Elizabeth Shorrock p13

  • The Remingtons of Hawksheath and Turnerford Farms. Philip Remington p15

  • The Settle Market Buildings Co Ltd. TH Foxcroft. 21

  • Summer Outing to Swaledale. Bill Mitchell p22

  • Guided Walks p23

  • ‘Know Your Area’ Guided Walks p27

  • Obituaries p29

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NCHT Journal 1996

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Contents 1996

  • Editorial p2

  • Chairman’s Statement p2

  • Thomas Nuttall. Ribblesdale’s forgotten botanist and explorer. Enid Parker p3

  • Middlewood Trust. Roeburndale, Nr Wray. Tony Mitchell p5

  • Langcliffe Mills. Jim Nelson p7

  • Harden Bridge – The origins of a hospital. TH Foxcroft p10

  • Ingleborough Hill – Geological Stethoscope. Christian Ellis p13

  • The Hallpike Cabinet Makers of Settle. T Ian Roberts p15

  • The Thomas Dixon Walks – Ingleborough and the Vale of Wenning. Len Moody p17

  • The Summer Outing. 1995. Bill Mitchell p20

  • Guided Walks p20

  • Michael Sykes p25

  • ‘Know Your Area’ p26

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NCHT Journal 1995

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Contents 1995

  • Chairman’s Review p2

  • Plans Sub-Committee p3

  • Badgers in Craven. David Johnson p3

  • The Summer Outing. 1994. Bill Mitchell p5

  • Austwick Weavers. Stan Lawrence p6

  • James Wolfenden of Studfoldgill. Tosside: farmer and family man. Faith Finegan p8

  • The Eclipse of 1927. Arthur Lupton p10

  • Shoemakers in Settle. Maureen Bottom p12

  • Music. Environment and the Craven Camerata. Len Moody p14

  • Visit of Leeds Parish Church Choir to Craven. Peter Read p17

  • Moths and Butterflies of the Craven Area. Norma Stephenson p18

  • John Roberts papermaker of Yorkshire, the Cumbria Connection. John Gaven p18

  • Guided Walks p21

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NCHT Journal 1994

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Contents 1994

  • Chairman’s Report to 1993 AGM p2

  • Brian Braithwaite-Exley. NCHT President p3

  • Members’ Update p3

  • The Summer Outing. 1993 p4

  • Lime Kilns p5

  • The Hoffman Kiln at Langcliffe p6

  • A Common Sort of Farm-House p8

  • Footpath Planning Group p9

  • Long Preston Deeps p10

  • Guided Walks p10

  • The Water Mills of Ribblesdale p17

  • Quakerism in Bentham p20

  • Linton Court Gallery. Settle p23

  • Harden Christmas Party p24

  • Planning Sub-Committee p24

  • Marian Walker p25

  • Robert Bull p25

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NCHT Journal 1993

Click on the image for the full Edition

Contents 1993

  • President’s Report p4

  • The Way Ahead for the North Craven Heritage Trust p5

  • Members’ Update p6

  • John Miller. NCHT Secretary 1968-1993 p7

  • Recent Talks p7

  • Manors, Masses and Murders p8

  • Music Notes p9

  • The Reverend Richard Franklin. MA p10

  • Sunday Walks p12

  • Bentham Football Group p15

  • The Ingleton Coalfield – A Slumbering Dwarf p16

  • Our Summer Outing p18

  • Christmas Party p18

  • Rag Rugs p19

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NCHT Journal 1992

Click on the image for the full Edition

Contents 1992

  • President’s Report. Alan Bennett p5

  • Curator’s Report. Angela Edgar p6

  • The Building Preservation Trust & North Craven Heritage Trust. Amanda Hobson p7

  • The Morecambe-Leeds Railway Service. p9

  • Jottings. p10

  • The Life and Times of Thomas Hargraves. Ian Roberts p13

  • Field Barns in Craven. James Walker p15

  • A Benevolent Dictatorship. Arthur Lupton p17

  • Reginald Farrar of Clapham. Amanda Hobson p17

  • An Appeal for the Historic Churches & Chapels of North Craven. p19

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