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Introduction to the Roy Price archive - by Michael Slater

Roy Price had embarked on a part-time programme for a doctorate at the University of Lancaster but became unable to continue in 2016. His subject was aspects of Craven history in the North-West of England. He was a frequent visitor to the Hudson History shop and computer-based archive in Settle. He passed all his collected papers on an external drive to Mrs Sheila Gordon to be made available to anyone interested in English Tudor affairs. With the closure of the North Craven Historical Research Group in 2016 after the death of Phil Hudson, it was agreed to host the material on the North Craven Heritage Trust website ( (see Archives). Roy agreed with this proposal and wished it to be called the Roy Price Archive. The material needed sorting into more clearly defined folders but it was not possible to catalogue such a diverse and very large set of  about 5000 files. Some folders contain a lot of items, some very few. The reader needs to browse the folders according to his or her specific interests.  Most of the subject matter is secondary in nature, being downloads from other websites or potential articles or thesis chapters,  but is nevertheless useful in that searching for this type of information has been aided and time spent travelling to libraries has been reduced. Roy employed Brooke Westcott to translate from Latin early Inquisitions Post Mortem and many of the early Court Rolls for Settle and Giggleswick. We expect to continue adding Court Rolls to what Roy has provided so far.


The preparation of the material for the NCHT website was carried out by Frank Woodhams and David Holdsworth – needing creation of software to implement the archive and consideration of data storage requirements.  We are grateful for this support.


The main 42 folders in 4.ARCHIVE are opened by choosing ‘Click’ in the spreadsheet and further folders and files can then be opened by selecting and clicking as usual. By closing any item one returns by one or more clicks to the main list of folders.


Any use of items in the archive should be acknowledged in any publication, thesis or website making use of the material. Any copyright issues which have escaped our notice in this archive need to be respected.


Roy had amassed a very large collection of books on aspects of Tudor Craven history; a selection of about 70 books was made to be kept in Settle Library, for which we are grateful. The remainder were sold to a specialist bookseller and the funds accrued to the NCHRG.   We are grateful to Roy for the work he has done and pleased to make it available to other historians.

Michael J. Slater

July 2016 

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